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Have you been named in a will as an executor? Are you considering acting as administrator of an estate for which there is no will?

Our team assists executors and administrators of estates daily; we can help you safely and effectively navigate the job ahead.

We can also help with obtaining a committeeship order.

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Estate administration work is a central part of our practice. We help individuals, both locally and around the world, with an array of estate-related matters. Our support includes information and advice about wills and estates and help with securing a grant of probate or a grant of administration for use in British Columbia. We provide broad personalized support to an executor or administrator of an estate throughout their administration to help ensure efficiency and limit potential liability. We can also assist with resealing foreign grants.

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Similarly, we can address many questions and concerns that one may have as a beneficiary, child, or spouse of someone who has passed.

Even in situations where a grant of probate or administration is not required, we can provide valuable guidance and assistance with a number of matters that should be attended to, for example, transmitting the name of a deceased co-owner off of the title to a home and any other real property interests.

If you have any questions about being an executor, trustee or beneficiary, or about anything else relating to probate or estate administration, please get in touch. Please also have a look through some of our articles on a variety of related topics For example: What is Probate and Why is it Needed?

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